Hello and welcome to our website, whether you are looking for rings, pendants, earrings or necklaces, we have a variety of jewelry for every occasion. We look to provide a top quality service to enhance one of the most precious gemstones in the world.

As well as our quality stock items we have we know it is important to give the option to customize and in some cases design their dream item from scratch. Our process is very simple and by getting to know our clients extensively we get a genuine feel for what they are looking for.

No you might be asking yourself “why chose an opal ring over a diamond ring?” well apart from being one of the most beautiful gemstones the world has to offer – with its variety of colors – it is also one of the rarest. Another common question we get asked is “aren’t opals softer than diamonds, I’m worried about damaging it?” yes it is true opals are softer by about 4 on the moh’s scale, as you know diamonds are at 10 and opals are at 6 a 6.5, however what you have to remember is that diamonds do get damaged as well., so it fall down to how you look after your personal belongings.

Our Opal jewelry is perfect for any occasion and you may want to include it within a gift package or hamper for your loved one or partner, whether you are treating them on Valentine’s Day, giving the a special birthday present or celebrating an anniversary you want to pull out all the stops to really impress that special person, included in the hampers are beauty products such as creams, make up and virgin coconut oil, chocolates, a cuddly toy and flowers, all of these will show that you really care and have put a lot of thought into your day and obviously at the center of all of this is a fabulous custom piece of opal jewelry.

As well as our online shop feel free to come down to our showroom where you can see all the precious stones for yourself though pristine glass display cabinets, giving you the best platform the see the Opal jewelry in all its glory. We have tried to create an environment which has the same feel as the gemstone itself giving you the feeling of luxury and royalty. To start your designs today please contact us and give us an idea of the type of opal jewelry design you are looking for and what you want to gain from it.